Friday, August 17, 2012

Sleeping & Dreaming: Three Poems

Child asleep.

The shuttered gentle creatures
of your sleep, it seems,
aroused by night, wake up,
invade my dreams
as yours...go rumbling
through the hours at play
and locked in flight...

Come floating down to pillow earth
at dawn, and now, deliciously
inform my day
as yours--will not forget.

On 8.17.12 revised
Ariella, 2 years old, and now 4.
Watching the Storm
Morning Asleep

I photographed the shadowed ceiling
And watched one wheeling gull;
Put the camera close to where
My feelings used to be...

Then rested next to you—
Still sleeping like a child
With tousled hair—
Took a deep breath
Directed my eyes above,
(That knotty-pine) but not in prayer,
Still thinking…

Closed my eyes again, and
Tried to give a simple name
To what we have,
Finally settling on the perfect word:
It’s love.

Descending Moon.

Of course I remember the night,
Basics, you said,

From baby to boy to man,
And I said yes, I understand
And did understand
And was glad to link them up right.

No, now I look back,
The agreement fell apart.
It was you that
Carried me away,

Cleaved to a white skinned
Silver saddle,
Your leather brown and bright,
How, locked,
We rode furiously into night.
Into shadowed woods,

But I took you back again,
Back to a cradle
In which I held the boy so tight.

When you descended,
As from a tree too high,
I saw no officer in sight.

Mostly I remember you,
Sandy-haired by your lathered steed.
How you seemed tied to some favorite lullaby,
Fell sleeping at my side.

c.1970, For Denny                             
Poetry Feature: Kay Weeks, with photographs.
8.17.12   Variations on a theme, over time.

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