Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Stink-Bug Dream

Drawing: Margaret Scott.

Rhaphigaster nebulosa
Come closer Dear, (Blush),
But then you did,
And so I asked, then told you,
To leave. When you refused,
I picked you up, wings and all,
Folded you in a piece of soft
And gentle tissue (no brand name)
And sent you to a watery grave: Flush.

My dream was this:

For every time in life
That I have spoken or low-muttered
An angry word--or thought one--
Or did something
That was just a tad unkind (even
Though warranted), a Stink
Bug (Asian or European…no matter)
Appeared on the ceiling.

In the morning, to my dismay,

But not surprise,
The solid-paint-like-upside-gray wall
Of Stink Bugs in the sleeping room,
Woke me up, simply sent me reeling.


Rhaphigaster nebulosa

Come closer,
But then you did, and, once again,
I asked you to leave.
It isn’t fair, but that’s where
I must reside: On some level
Of lower-animal-hybrid-violence—
For you invasive crawling bugs.
So I am asking you once again:
Stay away! You see, my Dear,
Only YOU can help me nurture
My sweet-positive-gentle
Oh-so-Motherly side.

Kay Weeks
On 8.24.12

Note: I did received comments from Bob Fitzpatrick, CA; Kaye Keeble, CA; Kay Boren, FL;
Cindi Ryland, Ellicott City, MD. While trying to post them, however, I was put through numerous IDBlogspot hoops, so gave up.  Never that much security  before.  Thanks, KW.

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