Saturday, September 1, 2012

Battery-Operated ME!

Mostly the digital camera shouting: "Change the Batteries!"

No…OK, Shut up!  These things talk to us, to me, anyway!
I pay attention and do it—listen and do it!

I realized when my computer mouse
went kaput yesterday and I had to
borrow a battery from the Television Remote
(capitalized because of its importance!)

How my place is battery operated, and
I think we ALL are to some degree…with
All those droid voices
we bring in every day--Telling us what to do!!

So that’s how I feel. Just put
Me in the battery charger, and plug me in!
Go    Go    Oops, Worn Out!  GO  GO  Stop!!

In no particular order:

Cell phone
LED candles (4 using two different kinds of batteries--D and AA)
Big Flashlight for power outages
Small flashlights to prevent over a cat in dark
Crook-necked reading light
Small molded listening device, aka hearing aid
TV Remote
DVD Remote
Digital camera
Computer mouse

Holiday lights, strings of them! Strangling me!

Batteries are KING, god, QUEEN, at the control!

Change me, move me, OK, I will,
because when it comes right down to it,
I am trying not to use electricity…
Except the battery charger says “Plug me in.”
But I still think I’m doing the right thing,

Well, Don't YOU?

Battery-operated Kay Weeks
With artist Margaret Scott
September 1, 2012

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Anonymous said...

Hi stranger. It's nice to see that your are still blogging about E. City. Hope you are doing well. MEsposito