Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early May Morning--What Camilla Sees

Out the screen door once again...
With the temperatures in Ellicott City, Maryland, unseasonably hot, the best time for doing anything--in my opinion--is before 7:00 a.m. After a period of fretting for more food, Camilla gives up, relaxes into her "catness" and mounts the ice-cream metal chair to look out a screen door. It was really light in this photograph.

I try to see what SHE sees, but I am sure it isn't possible. She is much more finely tuned than I am. The birds are tittering and saying things like "cheater," and "Judy" or "pretty." I feed them every day, fill up the bird feeder so they can eat and also entertain us.

You can tell from the static wind chimes that it is calm, and, having rained a bit, it will soon turn very steamy. The small, portable fans are running, as I refuse to turn on air conditioning. Whether Camilla ever responds to the tinkling chimes, I cannot know.

This is what I see out the back screen door, shooting over
her shoulder, so to speak. The potted plants, happy now
in Spring, with the small bird feeder just beyond. OK, it is now too warm to stay upstairs in this computer room,
so off to take a walk, or do something outside!



Anonymous said...

Love the little snap shots of your and camilla's life! Stay cool! It's a beautiful day here in San Francisco: perfect blue sky, warm with a nice breeze.


Trudy Babchak said...

I also have tried to look at things through my pet's eye. A continuing puzzlement.

Anonymous said...

Camilla is adorable and your love for her is enchanting. Hope you had a great day. love from North Carolina!